Notes for Presenters

Here we collect together some points, in no particular order, to help presenters in successfully running an ACCU conference session. If you think of something to add to this page, feel free to send in a pull request to the GitHub repository at

Slides and projection are a big hassle for presenters at most conferences. How often has a presenter spent the first five minutes of their session fiddling to get the slides showing so they can actually start their presentation?

  • ACCU presenters are expected to use their own laptop for their session. If this is not possible, the organisers need prior notice.

  • At ACCU conferences we trying to ensure a 1080p (1920x1080) projector with HDMI, but with backup up of VGA, in each of the session rooms – HDMI is the much preferred connection, especially for sessions being recorded. It is assumed that presenters bring their own connector adapter if their laptop does not have an HDMI or a VGA connector.

  • Savvy presenters try connecting their laptop to an HDMI screen before coming to the conference to try and iron out all the issues of setting the laptop into the state they want.

  • There are many clever and sophisticated presenter aids for dual head presentation, but never underestimate the simplicity of using PDF files in mirror mode.

  • Savvy presenters go to the room they are to present in at the beginning of the break before their session and set up for their session. There are unexpected issues even for the most experienced and practised presenters, it is best to have lots of time to deal with them.

Another big issue, especially for people who need Internet access, is Internet access.

  • ACCU always gets a special channel on the hotel conference support WiFi network. The SSID changes each year, as does the password. Details available on registration.

  • Presenters who require an Internet connection that must have no danger of too many people in the audience connecting to the Internet and causing issues tend to use their own mobile internet.

  • Wise to check out coverage as soon as you can, not at the last minute. If your Internet connection requirements are not covered by either of the above then contact the conference staff as soon as you can, and we will sort something out.