Session timetable swap

There has been lots of activity in ACCU organising over the last two months, but we failed to tell people the news. Our "There is a month to go" resolution is to report more news.

The news of the moment is that we have swapped a couple of sessions: Eoin Woods' session "Common Webapp Vulnerabilities and What to Do About Them" has moved from Wednesday 2018-04-11T16:00+01:00 to Thursday 2018-04-12T16:00+01:00, and Florian Gilcher’s session "Three years of Rust – A look around" has moved a day forward and will be where Eoin’s session was, i.e. it’s a straight swap of schedule slot.

As ever the current state of the schedule is at

Sorry We're Late

Due to some circumstances beyond our control, but also some problems at our end, we failed to meet the posted deadlines of 2018-01-12 for notification, and 2018-01-19 for publishing the schedule.

We have slipped everything by a week from today and should have everything sorted and published by 2018-01-29, but hopefully sooner.


First Decisions Made

So the ACCU 2018 call for session proposals ended 2017-11-17T23:59+00:00 exactly as anticipated. The committee then went through all the proposals and scored them and, if appropriate, added a comment or two. Also a number of irritants and glitches with the system were noted and added as issues to the source repository[1].

The committee met, some physically, some via video call, a couple of people had to send their apologies for absence, in Reading Saturday 2017-12-02 to review the situation, and make decisions. Some of the decisions were very hard to make since we had many more excellent session proposals than we have space for in the conference schedule.

It is now necessary to transfer the decisions made into data in the database, make all the consistency and correctness checks, and then we can begin the process of informing people of the results, and doing the sub-editing on scheduled proposals so the session data can be published. Despite the improvements made to the system compared to last year, this remains a non-trivial activity. The question is whether things are ready to send out notifications of acceptance before the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hogmanay, New Year holiday period. Just at the moment it is not possible to tell.

1. If anyone who used the system and had irritants or spotted glitches with it, or indeed has suggestions for improvements, please feel free to add issues so we can make the system better for next year.

Registration is Open

Archer Yates Associates, who are the people who collaborate with ACCU to put on ACCU conferences, have opened up registration for ACCU 2018. Thus are people able to get tickets for ACCU 2018 as Winter Solstice / Christmas / whatever-your-end-of-calendar-year-holiday-is-labelled presents for themselves and/or others.

True, the schedule is yet to be decided, but we do know Gen Ashley, Hadi Hariri, Seb Rose, and Lisa Lippincott will be presenting keynotes. We also know there will be full day pre-conference tutorials, and lots of great sessions. And social stuff.

Buy now, enjoy later. Register here.

The 2018 Keynotes

We are very pleased to be able to announce that the keynote speakers for ACCU 2018 will be: Gen Ashley, Hadi Hariri, Seb Rose, and Lisa Lippincott. We’re collecting titles, blurbs, and bios and will have a webpage with the details very soon now.

Move the Conference Dinner?

A number of people at ACCU 2017 suggested that it would have been much better to have had the Conference Dinner on the Thursday and the Bloomberg Party on the Friday, instead of the other way around. The ACCU Conference Committee couldn’t see any reason why not try doing this as an experiment. However, we have no idea how many people prefer the way it is as we had no feedback that it was right the way it was. We are currently organising with the new format, unless enough people think it is a bad idea. You know who to email if you have a view.