Trying Out The New Submission Application


The ACCU 2108 call for session proposals isn’t actually open, but it seems wise to try the software out to try and make it usable, unlike last year. Things are still very much under development, this is alpha or perhaps beta software at this stage in the general scheme of things.

If you fancy doing a source trial feel free to follow the instructions below. If you just want to try things out, I have set up as though it were a live call for session proposals. Any comments, criticisms, bug reports, etc. please file issues on GitHub

The source for this Web application is at please clone the repository in the usual Git/GitHub-ish way. You will need to ensure you have SQLite3 and Python3 installed, and then ensure you have the Python packages in pip_runtime_requirements.txt installed. I do:

pip3 install --user --upgrade -r pip_runtime_requirements.txt

If you want to run the tests (and who doesn’t :-) you will also need the packages in pip_test_requirements.txt.

Running the Python tests:

pytest tests_cfp
pytest tests_cfp__selenium

The tests should be green. Running the JavaScript tests requires NPM with Mocha. If you have those installed then:

npm test

should also be green.

To actually run the application, you have to first create a database:

./ db_init

to create accuconf.db. Then:


should set the server going. Navigating to localhost:8000 with a browser should get you to the page. The default state should be "closed" so nothing interesting happens. To change the state close the server, and create the file with the line:

from models.configuration import CallForProposalsOpen as Config

and then start the server.

For any comments, criticisms, bug reports, etc. please file issues on GitHub Pull requests with constructive changes will be most welcome.