And So Begins The Process To ACCU 2018


The observant may have noticed something of a change in the ACCU conference website. We have decided that #363e6d (aka Dark Midnight Blue) will be the colour for ACCU 2018. The rationale for this will not be revealed now (so as to engender a feeling of suspense) and may, or may not, be revealed sometime in the next 8 months[1].

The website has been rearranged to create a clean slate for ACCU 2018, with ACCU 2017 joining ACCU 2016 in the "Previous ACCU" drop down menu. I expect various changes to happen to the website over the next few months. The source is still a Git repository on GitHub. Investigators of this repository will notice that it is now just the source of the static website generated using Nikola. The Web application for submission and review is being rewritten and is now separated completed from the main website – avoiding many of the problems people had last year. The new "submission Web application" has it’s own repository here. Work has only just started on this Python3/Flask/SQLAlchemy/SQLite-implemented system, but should progress very rapidly. If you want to get involved, please feel free to chip in using the issues, and think about possible pull requests.

Although the conference dates are now fixed (Workshop day 2018-04-10, Conference days 2018-04-11/P4D), the dates of the call for proposals, etc. are just proposals. Unlikely to change, but they may.

If you know anyone who wants to sponsor the conference, get them to contact The Conference Chair in the first instance.

1. With apologies to the late (, very late) Douglas Adams for the allusion to the style of writing in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.