T-Shirt Design Competition


ACCU conferences tend to have themes. Not for the content of the sessions of the conference, obviously – content is determined entirely by the Programme Committee selecting from that that is submitted[1]. The conference themes are for the more social aspect of the conference. In particular, the conference dinner/supper (choose your preferred label here) on the Friday evening, and the t-shirts, and other bits and bobs.

For reasons that are likely to become very apparent at 2017-04-26T09:31 in the Bristol Suite, we are thinking of "rock music"[2] or something along those lines as a theme for ACCU 2017. As is traditional we are having a competition to allow people to design the conference t-shirt based on the chosen theme.

So if you fancy having a go at designing the ACCU 2017 t-shirt on the theme of "rock music" send your mock up images to ACCUConf Chair. We are not entirely sure of the closing date just now, but we are sure there is one. Also we are sure there is a prize, but we are not entirely sure what that is just at the minute[3].

1. Except for the keynotes, they are arranged by the ACCUConf Chair with support from the Programme Committee
2. Perhaps even Music with Rocks In.
3. But there definitely will be one, and not just a fridge magnet.