Pre-Conference Workshops


ACCU is a four-day conference, but it also has a day of full-day pre-conference workshops. For ACCU 2017, we have, on Tuesday 2017-04-25, four workshops for you to choose from. In no particular order (*):

  • Brad Chamberlain is going to give us A Programmer’s Introduction to Chapel. Anyone interested in parallel code on any computer, but especially on multi-multicore processor clusters, will be interested in Chapel. It is a disruptive technology to replace Fortran, C, C++, etc. with a programming language that uses modern idioms to make programming parallel system fun.

  • Felix Petriconi will introduce The Art of Writing Reasonable Concurrent Code. All about dataflow based approaches (CSP and channels), this workshop will get people writing concurrent (and parallel) C++14 code running with nicer more manageable and maintainable code, with little or no debugging required.

  • Nico Josuttis will get us Moving to C++17. A workshop for anyone wanting to use the latest features of C++ now, today.

  • Seb Rose and Jon Jagger will be educating people about Testable Architecture If you are having difficulties getting you application into a well tested state, this is the workshop for you.

All four of these workshops really are "must attend" workshops. However don’t dither, plump for one and sign up – today. Click through REGISTER FOR ACCU 2017 HERE to register, and sign up for your chosen workshop.

(*) Well actually there is an order, but it is left as an exercise for the reader to discern it.