Call for Sessions Now Closed


So the Call for Sessions for ACCU 2017 is now closed. After a few initial hiccups with the website, things appear to have gone relatively smoothly. Certainly we have many more excellent session proposals than sessions we are going to be able to put on. The programme committee are busy reviewing the proposals, we will soon be having to take some very hard decisions. We have to try and avoid having multiple sessions on the same topic, and having people do more than one 90 minute session, amongst other constraints.

The submission web application has now been put into maintenance mode, it currently says it will be back shortly. This is actually a bit of a fib, it will be back sometime in 2017-10. During its apparent hiatus it will undergo significant reworking: the data model needs to change quite a lot, and the UI needs to change quite a lot. The intention is that the submission experience for ACCU 2018 will be significantly better that the last eight weeks.

However, for the moment it is down to review and selection for ACCU 2017 so to make it a really good conference, and a great experience for all attenders. Given the quality of the proposals, this is actually more or less assured. The problem is selecting from the collection of excellent proposals… hummm… this may take a while…