The Code of Conduct


One hopes, indeed often assumes, that there will never be any misconduct at a conference. Most conferences, and all the ACCU ones to date as far as we know, have had no problems. If there has been some small offence given, it has been handled between the parties to the satisfaction of everyone concerned. Nonetheless it is incumbent on conference organisers to have in place a process for handling situations that cannot be dealt with directly by the parties involved. To this end, ACCU 2017 has adopted an adaptation of the PyCon UK 2016 Code of Conduct, and processes for dealing with infractions. Many people sensitive to the issues have commented that this is a good Code of Conduct and process, so it seems better to adapt something seen as good rather than attempt to start from scratch.

There should be a link on every page on this site in the top right under the ACCU organisation logo that leads to the ACCU 2017 Code of Conduct. Such document should never be cast in stone, they should be allowed to evolve to become better and to stay relevant to the moment. If you find any errors or text you feel should be amended please contact the Conference Chair.

We hope the process outlined never has to be invoked, that everyone coming to ACCU 2017 speaks and behaves appropriately for the context. We hope the document just lies there in the background gathering dust, but it is there, just in case.