The ACCU Conference YouTube Channel


Session proposal submission for ACCU 2017 will likely start in the middle of October and last for one month to the middle of November. The system of email used last year didn’t really work, was a lot of effort, and there are better ways of doing things. So we are busily creating a Web-based system for proposal management, and scheduling of accepted sessions. In the meantime we have this blog and static material, the styling of which will almost certainly change over the next few weeks.

If you are wondering what sort of sessions will happen at ACCU 2017, then the sessions at ACCU 2016 will give a flavour. Go take a look at the ACCU YouTube Channel. Obviously the actual material in ACCU 2017 will be a year on from that of ACCU 2016, but the videos will give you the idea of the sort of thing that goes on. Of course we are always open to new ideas, do not feel constrained by what you see there.

ACCU conference sessions are 90 mins or 15 mins – and we also have lightning talks of 5 mins. 90 mins sessions can be presentations, mini-workshops, panel sessions, anything with "meaty" content that attendees will be interested in. Presentations here doesn’t mean just talk. One of the reasons for the 90 min session is to get interaction and discussion. 45 min and 50 min sessions with maybe a minute for questions doesn’t work in really informing, it is the 50 mins of content and 40 mins of questions and debate that really works. Some people intermix so it is 90 mins of presentation, question , debate. The important thing is that 90 min sessions at ACCU conferences are interactive. 15 mins sessions are generally presentations, but these "quickies" allow people to get some ideas over without the need for a full 90 mins. Lightning talks are, well lightning.

Check out the videos on ACCU YouTube Channel Let us know what you think.