Speaker: Lieven de Cock

Lieven is passionate software developer, architect, team lead,manager, with 25+ years of experience, Passionate about C++, Software Craftmanship and Clean Code. The career started in the Text-To-Speech domain (yes, I still recognize certain things programmed 20+ years ago, in Alexa and friends), moving on to Video recognition technology for Traffic, and the last 13 years active in the Satellite Communication industry.
Lieven also contributed to several open source projects, and is the lead developer of the open source IDE Code::Blocks.
He is also the lead coach of the Coderdojo division in Ghent, Belgium where he lives. There is an ever growing record collection, always crying for attention to be put on the turn-tables, and many evenings are marked in the agenda for visiting life concerts.
If in presented code snippets the number 242 might pop-up, this is no coincidence, paying tribute to Front 242.