Other: Cracking Collaboration: Problems and solutions for modern development

Working with others is tricky. Especially in the new world of remote work, having different workflows, habits, and backgrounds can cause friction in teams. But the "A-ha!" moments where someone else quickly fixes that bug you've been stuck on for three days make it all worth it. In these working sessions, the first obstacle is finding a way you can share your codebase and progress quickly – without having to resort to individual screenshots and complicated workarounds. In this talk, we’ll introduce several collaboration problems faced by distributed teams and discuss tools and solutions you can use in your development process today, including sharing at anytime and anywhere with Live Share, sharing the same codebase across different IDEs using CMake Presets, sharing in the same cloud instance of an IDE, and more.


Day: 2023-04-20
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: Bristol III
Track: Learning



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