Lecture: C is great, long live C!

If you are a seasoned C++ programmer you might think about C as a prehistoric language stuck in the times of K&R. But have you ever heard about compound literals and about how they can be used to enable default function arguments in C? Or have you ever used flexible array members to simplify dynamic data structures creation? What about anonymous unions, designated initialisers or static array arguments? Never heard of those? C is a living language that has much to offer to those who care about performance, who program close to hardware or whose daily routine involves interfacing C++ with C code. If you are such a person, or you are just curious and would like to learn about the older, little brother of C++, this is a talk for you. We will (re-)discover the perks and perils of modern C. Step by step, we’ll see how leveraging the latest language features helps readability, improves safety and leads to better runtime performance. Who knows, maybe you’ll find writing C enjoyable (again)?


Day: 2023-04-20
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: Empire
Track: Languages



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