Workshop: Early Careers Day

A mini-conference for junior developers

This event is not going to be recorded

This is an all-day pre-conference tutorial. But unlike other tutorials, the Early Career Day is exclusively for software developers in their first years of work, whether as a placement student or a graduate level employee. In the company of others with a similar level of experience, this supportive tutorial will offer you clear and practical guidance in key aspects of your work. Your tutors are well-known speakers selected for their excellent content and clear delivery. If you are wondering if the ACCU conference is for you and how it can help you, this is a great way to try out a 'mini-conference' designed especially for you by experts.

The day is chaired by Dr Gail Ollis, an ACCU conference regular who remembers what it was like to attend her first ACCU conference. After a long career in commercial software development Gail turned to academia and is now a lecturer and researcher in software development. Think of this session as a short course in honing your craft as a software developer, with an experienced lecturer as your course leader and the best presenters as your tutors.

The content will include a mix of personal and technical skills, including:

* Presentation Skills
* Software Processes and Architecture
* Coding practices
* Code review
* Testing
* Debugging
* Deployment

The day includes your very own lightning talk session so you can, if you choose, practice sharing your thoughts at a conference. You are warmly invited to take this great opportunity to practice with a small, friendly, supportive audience, but participation is absolutely voluntary.


Day: 2023-04-18
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 08:00
Room: Wallace
Track: Workshops



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