Lecture: Using Both Cores of Raspberry Pi Pico with C++OS

Coroutines and std::execution in Embedded Systems

This talk is about using the latest developments in C++ for really small systems.

Since C++11, Standard C++ already provides some mechanisms to run task on multpile cores.
RP2040, the processor of Raspberry Pi Pico, features two Cortex M0+ cores, but as an implementation of the Armv6-M architecture it's not really meant for symmetric multi-processing (SMP), so std::thread is not appropriate for using these two cores.

But with coroutines in C++20 and std::execution (probably in C++26) there are other standard mechanisms in C++ to utilize multiple cores.

C++OS is a proof of concept that implements the C++ Standard API as pre-emptive multitasking system on bare metal.
This makes it possible to explore how far the C++ Standard interfaces can provide the interface for portable embedded applications and what's still missing.

C++OS also provides a partial preliminary implementation for the std::execution interface that's currently proposed for C++26.
This allows for more task launching control than simply std::thread.

This presentation will not go deeply into the technical details of RP2040, but will show several applications that use both cores based on the the existing and proposed mechanisms of Standard C++.


Day: 2023-04-20
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: Bristol II / Bristol Suites
Track: General C++



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