Lecture: How Behavior-Driven Development & Testing Improves Cross-Team Distributed Systems

Thoughtful testing make for happier, more efficient teams

Learn how Bloomberg leverages Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and the ‘behave’ framework for end-to-end testing of cross-team distributed systems.

Software clients don’t care (and shouldn’t need to care) about how code works. They only care about two things: 1) Does it work? and 2) Is it reliable?

As engineers, this dual expectation around stability and quality creates the need for an essential part of our software development process – testing. However, in large-scale distributed systems that span multiple teams across an organization, how do we ensure full end-to-end test coverage is captured?

One possible solution could be hiring a Quality Assurance (QA) team to manually test every client workflow. But manual testing is rarely sufficient and extremely time consuming. Generally, the low ratio of testers to developers can delay production deployment for new code, while also opening the door for more errors to be caught by end-users.

Building out reliable automated testing requires a tight partnership between engineers, assurance experts, and customer support, as well as the thorough translation of client workflows into a technical pipeline. For distributed systems that span multiple teams, it is also critical to have an automated triage process and clear ownership for each part of the pipeline.

This talk will illustrate how Bloomberg engineers have leveraged the ‘behave’ framework and behavior-driven development to enhance our testing framework.


Day: 2023-04-21
Start time: 15:10
Duration: 00:20
Room: Empire



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