Workshop: C++ Concepts Workshop

Constraining C++ Templates in C++20 and Before

1-day workshop on C++ concepts

C++ Concepts is one of the most significant and long-awaited features of C++20. They improve template interfaces by explicitly stating the compile-time contract between the user and the architect of the code, which limits the number of compilation errors and makes them much more user-friendly when they occur. The workshop will describe this C++20 feature, its similarities, and differences to Concepts TS (provided with gcc-7), and will present ways to benefit from a significant part of the functionality in current production C++ projects that can use only "legacy" C++11 features.

Preconditions to take part in the workshop:
1. Recent working experience with C++ templates
2. A laptop with a web browser and access to the Internet


Day: 2023-04-17
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 08:00
Room: SS Great Britain
Track: Workshops



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