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Sight seeing

  • I’d recommend the hop-on hop-off city tour bus that leaves from outside the Post Office on High Street: that will take you to some interesting place including the Falls Road and Shankill Road areas, which are the central nuclei of the Troubles. It’s an unexpectedly educational tour. Also go see St Georges Market, which is close to the Hilton (one of the bus stops is there). [1]

Food and drinks

  • The Hilton itself only has generic hotel beer choices. But there is Bittles Bar not too far away, walk over to Victoria Street and turn right for a couple of blocks. Or there’s the Crown near the Europa hotel - further away, but a spectacularly well preserved venue. [1]


  • I’d advise rainwear - it rains 200 days a year, or so I’m told, and that accords with my experience. [1]

  • [1] Alan Bellingham (who has visited Belfast exactly twice)

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