And So Begins The Process To ACCU 2018

The observant may have noticed something of a change in the ACCU conference website. We have decided that #363e6d (aka Dark Midnight Blue) will be the colour for ACCU 2018. The rationale for this will not be revealed now (so as to engender a feeling of suspense) and may, or may not, be revealed sometime in the next 8 months[1].

The website has been rearranged to create a clean slate for ACCU 2018, with ACCU 2017 joining ACCU 2016 in the "Previous ACCU" drop down menu. I expect various changes to happen to the website over the next few months. The source is still a Git repository on GitHub. Investigators of this repository will notice that it is now just the source of the static website generated using Nikola. The Web application for submission and review is being rewritten and is now separated completed from the main website – avoiding many of the problems people had last year. The new "submission Web application" has it’s own repository here. Work has only just started on this Python3/Flask/SQLAlchemy/SQLite-implemented system, but should progress very rapidly. If you want to get involved, please feel free to chip in using the issues, and think about possible pull requests.

Although the conference dates are now fixed (Workshop day 2018-04-10, Conference days 2018-04-11/P4D), the dates of the call for proposals, etc. are just proposals. Unlikely to change, but they may.

If you know anyone who wants to sponsor the conference, get them to contact The Conference Chair in the first instance.

1. With apologies to the late (, very late) Douglas Adams for the allusion to the style of writing in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Thanks For Getting Some Video Links In Place

Huge thanks to Ahto Truu for sending in a pull request updating the ACCU 2017 conference schedule page with links to the videos. Not all have been checked, and not all are there as yet. If you find an error, or a link not yet in place, please feel free to send in a pull request, or at least an email telling us the changes needed.

Thanks again Ahto Truu for getting the "updates after the conference stuff" moving. The pressure is now on us to do the slide PDFs!

Herb's Keynote

The original title and blurb for Herb’s keynote closing ACCU 2017 left room for one of many actual presentations. Herb has now sent in the choice he has made. So the printed materials now have the wrong title and blurb. The selected title is:

which is a link through to the blurb on the website. The website and the Web application have the correct title and blurb even if the printed materials have been overtaken by events.

Some New Sponsors: Riverblade, SNSystems, and Steema

Three new sponsors of ACCU 2017 to note.

The first is Riverblade, a company deeply committed to making software developers' lives better with good development tools. In fact Riverblade signed up as a sponsor a while back, but due to failure on the part of the wetware running this website, their logo was not added to the list of sponsors, and blog entry not posted. This is particularly bad as Riverblade have been a staunch supporter of ACCU conferences for many years. I hope the good folk at Riverblade accept the wetware’s apologies for this error.


The first of our actually newly signed up sponsors is SNSystems. It is great to have this games-oriented company on board. Games may be fun (mostly), but software that implements the games, and perhaps more importantly, the software that implements the tools and frameworks programmers used to write the games software are important bits of software. ACCU members like good software.


Our second new sponsor is Steema. Anyone involved with data is aware that visualisation of that data is a critical part of finding information from that data. Steema contribute to visualisation by making charting software. Expect prizes from them at ACCU 2017.


QBS Sponsoring ACCU

QBS has been a staunch supporter of ACCU conferences over the years, and we are very pleased that they have become a sponsor of ACCU 2017. We are sure many attenders will visit their stand to find out about their product line.


Conan the Sponsor

Many of you will know that JFrog are now the owners of the C++ package management system Conan. Package management in C++ is likely to be as big a "thing" in the C++ community as C++17, and so very important to the development of C++ software development. We are therefore very please to announce that Conan is now a sponsor of ACCU 2017.


T-Shirt Design Competition

ACCU conferences tend to have themes. Not for the content of the sessions of the conference, obviously – content is determined entirely by the Programme Committee selecting from that that is submitted[1]. The conference themes are for the more social aspect of the conference. In particular, the conference dinner/supper (choose your preferred label here) on the Friday evening, and the t-shirts, and other bits and bobs.

For reasons that are likely to become very apparent at 2017-04-26T09:31 in the Bristol Suite, we are thinking of "rock music"[2] or something along those lines as a theme for ACCU 2017. As is traditional we are having a competition to allow people to design the conference t-shirt based on the chosen theme.

So if you fancy having a go at designing the ACCU 2017 t-shirt on the theme of "rock music" send your mock up images to ACCUConf Chair. We are not entirely sure of the closing date just now, but we are sure there is one. Also we are sure there is a prize, but we are not entirely sure what that is just at the minute[3].

1. Except for the keynotes, they are arranged by the ACCUConf Chair with support from the Programme Committee
2. Perhaps even Music with Rocks In.
3. But there definitely will be one, and not just a fridge magnet.

Sponsor Announcement

It appears that we put the Bloomberg logo in our sponsors logo area but failed to announce in this blog that Bloomberg had signed up as a sponsor of ACCU 2017. Very remiss. So a little later than it should have been: we are very pleased to announce that Bloomberg is a sponsor of the ACCU 2017 conference.

Bloomberg black